About Me

I’ve got a love/love relationship with food.  Some of my favorite memories are with my Mom in the kitchen. Learning the craft of cooking from her. Watching and seeing how food in her hands, became more than sustenance.  Food was a gift to her friends. Food was an aid to those in need. Food was a platform for her calling… serving others. Food was conversation, fun, joy, comfort, love.

I followed in her footsteps as I grew up and moved out. I found joy and pride in hearing friends say “Oh, my gosh.” after a bite of food I made. Ask Ryan one of the things he fell in love with and I’m sure he’ll tell you my cooking is in the top two.   I took that home learning to the next level with years in the hotel industry. Watching the chefs, asking them questions about how they cooked this or why they added that. WMy industry friends and I would go out to eat then try to guess the ingredients in the food. Deconstruct it in every bite.  My cookbook collection grew, my favorite being The Joy of Cooking. It’s like culinary school for the home cook.

Continuing the path of my Mother, I’m teaching my boys how to cook. We watch The Food Network, record shows on The Cooking Channel. They know how to handle a knife in the kitchen. They will both impress the ladies with their cooking skills someday, and I hope to see them follow in my footsteps in teaching their children the joys of cooking.

Since I can’t invite you over for dinner (well, some of you I can, but…you know what I mean) I’m inviting you into my virtual kitchen.  I don’t know everything there is to know about cooking. I make culinary mistakes, but I try to learn from them to either never make it again (Pot au chocolate) or to try it again (Cookies, you laugh, I seriously have a cookie phobia) I might post about a local (or not local, I love discovering fun food places when I travel) restaurant, or my favorite kitchen gadget. I might ask you to be a guest chef in my kitchen. (No! Don’t run, it will be fun, I promise!) But all in all, I hope you enjoy my gift of food to you.


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