30 Days to Change

There won’t be much fun cooking in the next 30 days for me. Today is the first day of a 30 day detox. I’ve felt this is something I needed to do now for the last two years. I had extreme environmental stress before that for about 9 years as caregiver to my Grandmother with Alzheimer’s. That combined with work stress, a tween with Asperger’s Syndrom and  stress eating has brought me to a point where I feel like crap pretty much on a daily basis. Tired during the day but can’t sleep at night, low energy and about a two year stint with hella harsh acid reflux.  I went to a Chinese medicine doctor for my reflux and that was cured after about four weeks of a NASTY herbal concoction, yet I still had low energy, problems sleeping and foods that while didn’t kick the reflux back into gear, still bothered me.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I follow Penguin publishing on twitter and they posted a link to a blog a woman wrote about how she felt after following the detox in a book Penguin published, Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind by Dr. Jeffery Morrison. I read her blog and she lost weight and felt better. Well, one doesn’t make a difference so I did more research. I didn’t find one negative review of the detox program. So I bought the ebook and read it, in one night. Dr. Morrison gets quite radical about removing toxins and while I’m not going to go full board with environmental changes. (Like electrical toxins? Hello, unplug my XBOX, I don’t think so. After taking the toxin questionnaire and failing miserably, I will be following his food detox. You can take your own questionnaire here.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got plenty of recipes and previous meals to share with you for the next month, and I won’t bore you with day by day details of the detox either, but feel free to email me or post questions if you have them. And if anyone wants to join, let me know, we’ll detox together.

PS: Encouragement is welcome! I’ve got a birthday, Mother’s day, and a work trip all to work this detox around. 🙂

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